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Is xlpe cable water resistant?

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Over the years, xlpe cable has been widely used in power systems due to its good mechanical and electrical ability. However, once it gets wet, the ability will drop significantly, for that not all cables are waterproof, which will seriously affect the service life and reliability of insulated pvc xlpe cable. Through the efforts of professionals, there have been many water blocking technologies for cables damp in recent years, and waterproof xlpe cable has become the perfect solution for underwater working environment.

Here is the content list:

  • How can water do interference on working condition of xlpe cable?
  • What are the ways to achieve waterproofing for xlpe cable?
  • How to ensure the normal function of waterproof xlpe cable?

How can water do interference on working condition of xlpe cable?

Generally speaking, after moisture is immersed in xlpe cable, it mainly affects its conductor stability and insulation performance. When the conductor of the xlpe cable is in normal operation, it will be in a thermally stable state, basically maintaining above 60 °C. If moisture enters at this time, it will cause the xlpe cable to oxidize.

This situation will increase the contact resistance between the conductors of the xlpe cable, thereby increasing the resistance of the cable core, resulting in increased cable loss.

When it comes to the insulating properties of xlpe cable, although its outer shell is composed of a substance that is extremely difficult to dissolve in water, it is a semi-crystalline polymer composed of a crystalline phase and an amorphous phase.

While the crystalline phase has a compact structure, the grain boundary is weak, which is easily penetrated by water molecules, which affects the insulation performance of the xlpe cable.

What are the ways to achieve waterproofing for xlpe cable?

The general xlpe cable is particularly sensitive to moisture. During the manufacturing and operation process, if it is affected by water, it will not only greatly shorten the service life of the cable, but also prone to safety accidents.

Therefore, the medium and high voltage xlpe cable under the action of AC voltage must have a water blocking structure if it is to be used in an underwater environment or a humid environment. The so-called water blocking structure includes a radial water blocking structure and a longitudinal water blocking structure.

· Longitudinal water proofing

Longitudinal water proofing uses resources that can swell in contact with water. When the water enters from the end of the xlpe cable or from the defect of the sheath, the stuffs will quickly expand in contact with water, preventing the water from further spreading along the xlpe cable longitudinal direction, achieving the purpose of longitudinal waterproofing.

· Radial water proofing

The radial water blocking of xlpe cable is different from the first method, it is mainly realized by non-metallic sheath, or adding a metal sheath made by hot pressing, welding, and cold drawing to xlpe cable.

How to ensure the normal function of waterproof xlpe cable?

If you want the waterproof performance of xlpe cable to achieve the desired effect, you must choose the appropriate xlpe cable manufacturer. Only by purchasing high-quality waterproof xlpe cable from the very beginning, can the application requirements of xlpe cable in the underwater environment be met.

The xlpe cable produced by different manufacturers will meet different standards in terms of quality. Due to different production and processing techniques, there will be different situations in terms of use effects. Users should understand their actual needs to fully apply xlpe cable.

In summary, in order to allow xlpe cable to perform its due function, especially to ensure better safety, customers need to buy from professional xlpe cable manufacturers, and at the same time, they need to choose the appropriate specifications and models based on actual needs.

To avoid hidden dangers and unexpected situations of pvc xlpe cable quality in the actual underwater environment, customers should consider it clearly when purchasing. People’s Cable Group Co., Ltd. will make a comprehensive judgment based on the customer's situation and recommend the most suitable insulated pvc xlpe cable to you. Choosing our waterproof xlpe cable, you choose the most cost-effective solution. If you are hesitating on buying xlpe cable, you might as well try our products, you will definitely not regret it.


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