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How to prevent electric shock with power cable?

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Power plants, power stations, and power consumers all use insulated power cable on a large scale. However, some companies do not pay attention to the laying and maintenance of copper conductor power cable. Such a power environment is very unfavorable to personal and property safety, and has become one of urgent problems to be solved about the use of ac aluminum power cable.

Here is the content list:

  • Why does power cable leak electricity and threaten people safety?
  • How to perform first aid for power cable electric shock?
  • How to prevent power cable leakage accident from happening?

Why does power cable leak electricity and threaten people safety?

Large-scale equipment power supply, power signal transmission, and electric energy distribution are all realized by power cable. In use, if the power cable leaks, it is a very dangerous situation.

Whether it is to the user or the power supply network, it is a very serious threat. However, the possibility of causing power cable leakage is multiple. To solve this problem, we must find the cause of its leakage from the source.

· Environmental impact

For power cable laid underground, due to the humid environment, strong corrosiveness, or operation for many years, the insulation of the power cable may be aging, causing moisture intrusion, causing a decrease in insulation resistance.

This will cause the power supply system to have low insulation resistance to the environment when the power cable is operating normally, and leakage will occur. In this environment, the insulating layer will be broken down due to accidental overvoltage shocks.

· Installation failure

Due to improper construction and installation, electric leakage may also be caused. If the wiring is wrong during construction, for example, if the phase wire is connected to the ground wire by mistake, the power cable will leak after power on. The leakage of power cable caused by such human factors should be eliminated by establishing rules and regulations.

· Improper management

Due to lax management, the power cable may be buried or soak in water. The buried power cable heat is not easy to dissipate, and the insulation will age and leak over time.

The power cable immersed in water will also cause the insulation to leak electricity due to moisture due to acid erosion and penetration.

How to perform first aid for power cable electric shock?

The first step of first aid for electric shock is to make the shocked person quickly get rid of the leakage power cable, and the second step is on-site rescue. In the event of an electric shock, you must not panic.

The rescuer can cut off the power cable with a sharp tool with an insulating handle, or use a dry wooden stick or other insulator to pull the power cable away.

A dry wooden board can be used to pad under the body of an electric shocker to insulate it from the ground. In the event of an electric shock accident with a high-voltage power cable, the relevant department shall be notified immediately of the power cut.

Then, at this time, the person who is shocked by the leakage power cable should lie flat on the ground, rest quietly. To reduce the burden on the heart, do not let the person who is shocked walk around and the changes in breathing and heartbeat should be closely observed.

It is necessary to adapt measures to local conditions and use various methods flexibly to quickly cut off the power cable.

How to prevent power cable leakage accident from happening?

Looking at the causes of electric shock accidents, the power cable is related to its insulation damage or the shell is not well grounded.

What is related to power cable operators is that they have no awareness of anti-shock in their minds and do not wear gloves or wet gloves during operation. Therefore, to prevent power cable leakage accidents, the root cause is to make operators have safety awareness.

For power cable operators, it is necessary to strictly implement the post responsibility system and carefully conduct safety inspections before and after shifts. They must be very careful when contacting power cable.

Before operation, use tools or the back of your fingers to check whether there is electricity. Personal protective measures should be taken during operation. In case of electric shock, disconnect the power cable in time, and the method should be reasonable.

Leakage of ac aluminum power cable is likely to cause accidents such as electric shock and fire, which will not only cause major losses to our property resources, but also affect people's personal safety. Therefore, the purchaser of copper conductor power cable should establish a sense of safe operation. People’s Cable Group Co., Ltd. has prepared more insulated power cable operating knowledge on our website for you to provide guidance for your safe operation.


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