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Good news: Green transformation leader People’s Cable Group was successfully selected as the 2024 Henan Province Digital Energy and Carbon Management Center

Company News

In order to accelerate the application of new-generation information technology in the fields of energy consumption and carbon emissions in the manufacturing industry, continuously promote the low-carbonization of energy use and digital management of industrial enterprises, and build a digital energy consumption and carbon emissions management system, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology organized the selection of this year's digital energy and carbon management center in mid-April this year. The Group was successfully selected as the Henan Digital Energy and Carbon Management Center for its outstanding performance and excellent results in the field of digital energy and carbon management.

Since the establishment of the factory in 2007, the group has made a series of efforts in energy consumption and carbon emission management. In April 2023, the energy carbon digital intelligent management center was built, with Ethernet ring network as the backbone network, and three-layer switching technology was used to realize VLAN division of large local area networks, improve the field data collection network and industrial backbone network, and establish information security isolation devices. The management center adopts automation and information technology to realize the automation and scientific management of the whole process from energy data collection, process monitoring, energy medium consumption analysis, carbon emission consumption analysis, energy consumption management, etc., so that the whole process of energy management, energy production, carbon emission management and use is organically combined, and data processing and analysis technology is used to conduct offline production analysis and management, so as to realize the unified dispatch of the energy system of the whole plant, optimize the balance of energy medium, maximize the use of energy, improve energy quality, reduce energy consumption, and reduce carbon emissions. After the construction of this center, it has achieved intuitive economic and social benefits in improving the company's energy management and control, energy conservation and carbon reduction levels, and achieving green development. The Group has successively won the following honors: National Green Factory, National Industrial Product Green Design Demonstration Enterprise, Henan Province Manufacturing Digital Transformation Demonstration Enterprise, Henan Province Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise, Henan Province Green Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Henan Province Smart Workshop, and the second prize in the Second "Zero Carbon Zhongyuan Cup" Henan Province Green Manufacturing Technology Application Innovation Competition.

In the next step, the Group will continue to deepen digital energy and carbon management, continuously implement green upgrades and renovations, continuously improve the construction of the green manufacturing system, continuously improve the level of energy and carbon management, increase investment in research and development of energy and carbon management technologies, and improve the intelligence and refinement of energy and carbon management. Strengthen cooperation and exchanges with relevant parties inside and outside the industry, and contribute to the green, healthy and high-quality development of the cable industry in Henan Province.


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