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The grid connection ceremony of the distributed photovoltaic project was successfully held

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Empower beautiful China with green and light up a smart future with low carbon.

On the morning of March 11, the grid connection ceremony of People's Cable Group's distributed photovoltaic project was successfully held in the south factory area. Zhang Hongkui, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yong'an Road Subdistrict, Zhang Yingjian, Director of Yong'an Road Subdistrict Office, Wang Debo, Account Director of LONGi Distributed Business in China, Yan Feng, Henan Service Director of Huawei Digital Energy, Cao Mingju, Chairman of People's Cable Group, Cao Jiachang, General Manager of People's Cable Group Liu Jintong, CEO of Aili Group, and Wei Yumin, regional channel director of LONGi Green Energy in Henan, were invited to attend the ceremony.

As a national green factory and a national industrial product green design demonstration enterprise, People's Cable actively responds to the Made in China 2025 development plan and always focuses on the research and development, manufacturing and services of green, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and intelligent wire and cable products. The construction of this photovoltaic power generation project makes full use of solar clean energy, with a daily power generation of 9,000 kWh+ and an annual power generation of 3.3 million kWh+. It can save 1,094.40 tons of standard coal every year and reduce CO2 emissions by about 3,290.10 tons every year. It is precisely The specific implementation of the concept of "energy conservation, emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection" advocated by the Group is also highly consistent with the development strategy of Gongyi Ecological City; the power generated by the project will be used as clean energy, and the company will use it for its own use, and the remaining electricity will be connected to the grid; in addition to being able to significantly In addition to saving the company's electricity costs, it also injects strong green impetus into the upgrading and transformation of the group's energy structure; it also plays a positive role in promoting the adjustment of the power structure, promoting the development of green industry, protecting the ecological environment, and creating Ximei Gongyi.

After the ceremony, the leaders walked into the workshop to visit the project and learned more about the project-related issues.

As a wire and cable company, People's Cable will insist on fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities, implement the guidelines of "green, low-carbon, and diversified", collaborate with industry partners to drive the green transformation of the industry, and gradually realize green innovation throughout the entire industry chain and life cycle. Let the economy harness the light, grow green, and create a cleaner and better future.


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