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The outer sheath of the cable is generally composed of an inner lining layer, an armor layer and an outer cover layer.The inner lining layer is located between the armor layer and the inner protective layer, and its function is to prevent the inner protective layer from being corroded and prevent th
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1. Cables are classified according to voltage levels.Power cables are generally manufactured according to a certain voltage level. The voltage levels are divided into 0.5kV, 1kv, 3kv, 6kv, 10kv, 20kv, 35kv, 60kv, 110kv, 220kv, 330kV; among them, 1kV power cables are the most used. Power cables with
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Armored cables are made of conductors of different materials enclosed in metal sleeves with insulating materials and processed into a solid, flexible combination. Armored cables include armored thermocouples, armored thermal resistances, armored heaters and armored leads. They are mainly used for te
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The cables used in the low-voltage DC transmission part of the solar photovoltaic power generation system have different requirements for the connection of different components due to different use environments and technical requirements. The overall factors to be considered are: the insulation perf
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Overhead cable is a kind of optical cable hung on a telephone pole. Its full name is overhead insulated cable. It is an overhead wire with insulation and protective layer. It is a special cable similar to the production process of cross-linked cable. A new transmission method between overhead cables
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