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Aluminum conductors and copper conductors basically have the following differences1. The cut-off capacity of copper conductor and aluminum conductor is different;2. Aluminum conductors are relatively cheap;3. Aluminum conductor is lighter;4. The mechanical strength of aluminum conductors is poor;5.
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With the increasing of electrical machinery, electrical xlpe cable has become more and more widely used. Related personnel continue to study and improve its design, manufacturing process, and test technology to ensure that insulated xlpe cable can operate more safely and stably. However, in recent years, with the extensive use of safe xlpe cable in urban construction and transformation, failure number has gradually increased.
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Over the years, xlpe cable has been widely used in power systems due to its good mechanical and electrical ability. However, once it gets wet, the ability will drop significantly, for that not all cables are waterproof, which will seriously affect the service life and reliability of insulated pvc xlpe cable. Through the efforts of professionals, there have been many water blocking technologies for cables damp in recent years, and waterproof xlpe cable has become the perfect solution for underwater working environment.
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Insulated xlpe cable has many advantages, but overheating has always been the main factor affecting the safe and reliable operation. Its operating temperature should not be greater than the maximum rated temperature. Although there have been many advances in the manufacturing process and structure of copper core xlpe cable, if the maximum rated temperature of electrical xlpe cable is exceeded for long-time during operation, it is still difficult to escape the fate of aging.
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