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  • Can the power cable be exposed?

    The dry winter is the peak of fires, many of which are caused by insulated power cable. As we all know, the current exceeding a certain voltage can cause great damage to the human body. Therefore, except for the copper conductor power cable erected at high altitude, corresponding measures need to be taken to prevent other kinds from being exposed. In fact, the exposed ac aluminum power cable not only poses a threat to the power supply system, but also damages the safety of people and property.

  • Can pvc cable be used outside?

    Although copper core pvc cable is often used indoors, it can work stably in pipelines, cross-sea power transmission, and underground environments. Compared with overhead transmission lines, construction structure of insulated pvc cable determines its maintenance workload is small, and it has the characteristics of beautifying the environment and optimizing the layout. PVC cable can be widely used in urban power grids, especially in some large-scale outdoor projects.

  • How to prevent electric shock with power cable?

    Power plants, power stations, and power consumers all use insulated power cable on a large scale. However, some companies do not pay attention to the laying and maintenance of copper conductor power cable. Such a power environment is very unfavorable to personal and property safety, and has become one of urgent problems to be solved about the use of ac aluminum power cable.


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