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1. Low-smoke halogen-free series cable productsCommonly used cable specifications: low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant series of cables and wires, wdz- (plus common cable and wire code) Note: flame-retardant is generally divided into four categories: a, b, c, d, for example: wdzd-vy wdza-yjy wdzb
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The "Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards" annual selection event was officially launched in 2011 and held once a year. This event aims to show the public the beauty of "Made in China" that they don't know, explore the new value of Made in China, encourage industrial innovation and change, a
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The National Quality Benchmark Selection is an industry-representative and authoritative quality selection activity organized by the China Quality Association and commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. The aim is to sort out industry quality benchmarks, promote scientific quality management systems, models and methods, promote quality management innovation, disseminate advanced quality concepts, and guide companies to learn and practice successful experience in quality benchmarks, continue to improve corporate management and technical levels, and strengthen enterprises Core competitiveness; in turn, encourage and guide the whole society to continuously improve quality, and promote the construction of a country with a strong quality.
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