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On the morning of December 15, 2021, Deputy Director Wu Zhongyang, Investigator Chen Jinfen, Director of Science and Technology Department Sun Honglin and Deputy Director Meng Changjun of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology visited the people accompanied by Feng Qiuping
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On the afternoon of October 20, 2021, Hu Nan, the second-level investigator of the Law Popularization and Legal Governance Division of the Department of Justice of Henan Province, He Xiangzhou, Section Chief of the Law-based Administration and Law Popularization Work Section of the Luohe Judicial Bu
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Recently, Geng Jun, Director of the Law Enforcement Inspection Division of the Henan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Li Meihuan, the first-level chief officer of the Law Enforcement Inspection Division, Zhao Liwang, deputy director of the National Building Materials Center, and Ma Zhiyong, the
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On October 12-13, 2021, Beijing time, China, People's Cable Group kicked off the 2021 medical examination for all employees. This physical examination was conducted by professional physical examiners from Ruikang Hospital of Gongyi City to our company for physical examination. The physical examinati
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Party Secretary Xi Xinqu and Deputy Director Song Peijun of the Gongyi Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and other leaders visited the People's Cable Group to conduct research on the quality and safety of the group's products. The group general manager Cao Zhifeng extended a warm welcome to the le
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The "Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards" annual selection event was officially launched in 2011 and held once a year. This event aims to show the public the beauty of "Made in China" that they don't know, explore the new value of Made in China, encourage industrial innovation and change, a
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The National Quality Benchmark Selection is an industry-representative and authoritative quality selection activity organized by the China Quality Association and commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. The aim is to sort out industry quality benchmarks, promote scientific quality management systems, models and methods, promote quality management innovation, disseminate advanced quality concepts, and guide companies to learn and practice successful experience in quality benchmarks, continue to improve corporate management and technical levels, and strengthen enterprises Core competitiveness; in turn, encourage and guide the whole society to continuously improve quality, and promote the construction of a country with a strong quality.
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The dry winter is the peak of fires, many of which are caused by insulated power cable. As we all know, the current exceeding a certain voltage can cause great damage to the human body. Therefore, except for the copper conductor power cable erected at high altitude, corresponding measures need to be taken to prevent other kinds from being exposed. In fact, the exposed ac aluminum power cable not only poses a threat to the power supply system, but also damages the safety of people and property.
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After development of more than one century, automatic die casting machine has become one of the important equipment in the foundry industry. Compared with other liquid forming methods, die casting machine for aluminum is widely favored for its advantages of high dimensional accuracy of castings, high productivity, and diversified molds. Among its many classifications, hot chamber and cold chamber die casting machines are the most common.
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Power cables have been in use for many years. Since the emergence of copper core pvc cable, they have been favored by many in the power distribution system cable market due to their easy installation, operation and maintenance. In recent years, insulated pvc cable has been widely used in power transmission systems. Since electrical pvc cable is the basic guarantee for the safe operation of regional power grids, how to extend its life has become a hot topic in the industry.
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