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XLPO Insulated Photovoltaic Wire h1z2z2-k PV Solar Panel Cables And Wires pv1f

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PV1-F-06/1KV photovoltaic cable

PV1-F photovoltaic cable is a special cable used for solar photovoltaic modules in the system. It has the characteristics of weather resistance, high temperature resistance, and friction resistance. It has a long service life and high-quality oxygen-free tinned copper conductors. To ensure the superior conductive effect, high-performance insulating materials and sheath materials after radiation cross-linking by a high-energy electron accelerator have reliable insulating and mechanical properties.

PV1-F photovoltaic cable product details

Model:PV1-FOuter diameter of conductor stranded:2.60mm
Application standard:2 PfG 1169/08.2007Insulation nominal thickness:0.8mm
Conductor material:IEC 60228, Category 5 stranded tinned copper wireSheath Nominal Thickness:0.9mm
Insulation material:Irradiation cross-linked low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant polyolefinOuter diameter of finished wire:6.1±0.1mm
Sheath material:radiation cross-linked low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant polyolefinConductor resistance (20ºC):≤5.09Ω/km
Nominal cross section:4mm2 6mm2Working environment temperature ºC:-40~+90
current carrying capacity:5 highHigher conductor temperature:+120ºC
Number of cores:1Reference short-circuit allowable temperature:200ºC5S
Conductor structure:NO./mm 56/0.30Rated voltage:DC: 1.8kv AC U. /U: 0.6/1kv

PV1-F photovoltaic cable product characteristics:

PV1-F photovoltaic cable performance

1. DC resistance

The DC resistance of the conductive core of the finished cable is not more than 5.09Ω/km at 20ºC.

2. Immersion voltage test

The finished cable (20m) will not breakdown after being immersed in (20±5)ºC water for 1h after 5min voltage test (AC 6.5kV or DC 15kV).

3. Long-term withstand DC voltage

The sample is 5m long and put into (85±2)ºC distilled water containing 3% sodium chloride (NaCl) for (240±2)h, and the two ends are exposed to the water surface for 30cm. Apply a DC 0.9kV voltage between the wire core and the water (the conductive wire core is connected to the positive electrode, and the water is connected to the negative electrode). After taking out the sample, perform a water immersion voltage test. The test voltage is AC 1kV, and no breakdown is required.

4. Insulation resistance

The insulation resistance of the finished cable at 20ºC is not less than 1014Ω·cm,
The insulation resistance of the finished cable at 90ºC is not less than 1011Ω·cm.

1500V photovoltaic cable H1Z2Z2-K

H1Z2Z2-K, 1500V DC photovoltaic cable is used in the nominal 1.5KV DC voltage photovoltaic power generation system between the conductor and the conductor, and the conductor and the ground. 

Conductor section0.5mm2-300mm2 (other specifications can be customized);Ambient temperature-40℃ to +90℃; -40 to +194
ConductorTinned copper stranded wire conforms to EN60228.5 category soft conductorMaximum short-circuit temperature280°C, +536°F
InsulationLow-smoke halogen-free radiation crosslinked polyolefinBending radius

Fixed installation>4x; 

Mobile installation>5x;

Sheath Low-smoke halogen-free radiation crosslinked polyolefin

Material characteristics


Fire performance: EN 60332-1-2:2004;

Zero smoke emission: 1EC61034: minimum 60% light transmittance

Rated voltageDC 1.5/1.5kV AC 1.0KVLow fire load DIN 51900
Test voltage6500V, 50HZ, 5 minutesCertificationEN50618:2014
Temperature class-45℃ to 125℃; -45 to +257Application standard


Single Core PV1-F Solar Cable
Cross section
Conductor Construction
Cable Outer
Resistance Max.
Current Carring Capacity
1x1.5mm2 solar cable30/0.251.584.9013.30300.670.73
1x2.5mm2 pv cable50/
1x4mm2 solar pv cable56/0.32.606.104.75500.670.73
1x6mm2 pv solar cable84/0.33.427.203.39700.80.80
1x10mm2 solar panel cables142/0.34.569.001.95980.90.90
1x16mm2 solar system wiring228/0.35.6010.201.241321.000.90
1x25mm2 photovoltaic cable361/0.36.9512.000.7951761.190.92
1x35mm2 photovoltaic cable276/0.408.7413.8
Twin Core PV1-F Solar Cable
Cross section
Conductor Construction
Cable Outer
Resistance Max.
Current Carring Capacity
2 x 1.5mm2 twin core solar cable30/0.251.588.3 ± 0.213.3030
2 x 2.5mm2 two core solar pv cable50/ ± 0.27.9841
2 x 4mm2 dual core solar cable56/0.32.6012.0 ± 0.24.7550
2 x 6mm2 pv cable wire84/0.33.4213.5 ± 0.23.3970
2 x 10mm2 solar cable wire142/0.34.5617.6 ± 0.21.9598
2 x 16mm2 solar wire228/0.35.6019.8 ± 0.21.24132

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