Where is XLPE cable used?

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XLPE Cable, a hydronic tubing manufactured from polyethylene plastic can be used at high temperatures and high voltage applications.  With excellent dielectric strength, high insulation resistance and a low dissipation factor at all frequencies, XLPE cable is an ideal insulated cable that can be use in multiple situations. With manufacturing facilities increasingly orientated to this market, XLPE insulated cables will lead its path in the domestic production of cables.


  • What is XLPE cable?

  • Characteristics of XLEP cable

  • Usage of XLPE cable


What is XLPE cable?

Cables consist of three major components: conductors, insulation, protective jacket. XLPE stands for cross-linked polyethylene, featuring a 3D molecular bond structure and shape memory characteristics. High-density crosslinked polyethylene, or XLPE, is a thermoset resin that is specifically designed for critical applications like chemical storage. Therefore, XLPE Cable is highly chemical-resistant and moisture-resistant. However, while this material is highly moisture resistant, moisture can still cause electrical failure under the influence of high electrical stress.


Characteristics of XLPE cable

XLPE cable is made suitable for high voltage and extra high voltage application. The cable can be used for long cable routes in high voltage transmission where the dielectric losses play a major role. Additionally, XLPE cable an easily be handled due to lighter in weight than any other high voltage cable and can be installed for inclined or vertical runs without any hesitation as there is no case of oil migration from insulation. XLPE insulation is highly resistant to moisture for which no special precaution is needed at the time of jointing & termination. The joining of XLPE cable needs less time than that of any other conventional cable of similar grade.


Usage of XLPE cable

XLPE cables can safely be used on any vibrating layouts like bridges as they have the better resistance to salinity of water in the ground, chemicals, oils and corrosive furniture. Besides, XLEP cables are free from fire risk and not prone to failure due to ageing characteristics. Generally speaking, XLPE cable can be used for a wide range of areas, ranging from plumbing, mining to various electrical applications. Cross linked polyethylene cables can also be found across the chemical industry and within the commercial and residential heating industry.


Therefore, XLPE-insulated cables can be used for nearly all installations: in the ground, in cable ducts, indoors, in power stations, in industrial plants, in switching stations. And thanks to their better thermal characteristics which is their peculiar property, they are particularly recommended where:

- high ambient temperatures exist

- cables are exposed to the sunlight

- cables are laid in ducts in a concrete block

- cables are grouped

- high emergency loads are important

- high short-circuit currents are required

- high earth leakage currents have to be transmitted by the screens


However, XLPE is limited in its temperature range. So undoubtedly XLPE cable should be used under proper temperatures.


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