What kind of cable is TUV H1Z2Z2-K photovoltaic cable

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TUV H1Z2Z2-K is the EN50618:2014 version of the photovoltaic cable model, which connects the photovoltaic panel and the AC / DC inverter.

H1Z2Z2-K photovoltaic cable uses advanced electron beam irradiation technology. Guangheng adopts low-smoke, halogen-free and flame-retardant materials. It has high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance, strong short-term overload capacity, long life, oil resistance, and abrasion resistance. , Corrosion resistance, high tensile resistance and other characteristics.

Rated voltage DC1500V, temperature resistance -40℃~+90℃; it is the latest product certification that replaces the old version of the photovoltaic cable standard ( 2PfG1169 PV1-F ).

The number of cores of H1Z2Z2-K photovoltaic cable is generally 2 cores and single cores. The single core is used the most. The color of the cable is generally divided into black and red. In the DC line, red generally represents the positive electrode of the current, and black Is the negative electrode of the current;

The conventional cable section of H1Z2Z2-K photovoltaic cable is: 1.5mm²~35mm², and the large square section can be customized according to the actual situation.

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