The party secretary and deputy director of the Gongyi City Market Supervision Bureau, Henan Province, China, and the leaders came to the People's Cable Group for research and guidance.

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Party Secretary Xi Xinqu and Deputy Director Song Peijun of the Gongyi Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and other leaders visited the People's Cable Group to conduct research on the quality and safety of the group's products. The group general manager Cao Zhifeng extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the group.



Visit the wire and cable experiential museum


Investigate the production workshop

A group of leaders first investigated and visited the Group's wire and cable experience museum, and then went to the production workshop and quality inspection laboratory to learn more about the wire and cable production process and product quality inspection process, and arranged for technical experts to conduct on-site inspection and guidance. After the visit, a group of leaders held a symposium on product quality and safety. During the meeting, President Cao communicated and interacted with a group of leaders on topics such as the group’s production and operation status, product quality control, and supervision and operation methods in recent years. The leaders gave the group’s strict requirements for quality control, management and smooth and efficient operation. In order to achieve a high degree of recognition, the Group will also continue to increase the management of product quality inspection work to ensure good products and excellent quality.



View product certificate


View product certificate

For many years, the group has been strictly controlling the production of every meter of cable to ensure that the products of People's Cable Group are of high quality, and the products are of high quality. In the next step, the group will insist on quality control, resolutely prevent any unqualified products from entering the market, continue to inherit the halo of "Henan Provincial Governor Quality Award", improve the brand with quality, and win trust with products!

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