Standards and requirements for underground direct buried cables

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1. Armored cables should be used for underground direct buried cable lines.

The buried depth of the cable should be not less than 0.7m from the ground to the cable sheath;

The cable sheath to the foundation of the underground building is 0.6m, not less than 0.3m;

The distance between cables: the minimum distance is 0.1m when the horizontal approach is close, and the distance between cables of different departments is 0.5m;

When the cables cross each other, the minimum clear distance is 0.5m;

The net distance between cables and heating pipelines, gas and oil pipelines is 2m when they are close to each other, and 0.5m when they cross each other;

The distance between the cable and the trunk of the tree is not less than 0.7m.

2. There should be no stones and other hard impurities in the direct buried cable trench. Otherwise, a layer of soft soil or sand with a thickness of 100mm should be laid. After the cable is laid, a layer of soft soil or sand with a thickness of 100mm should be laid on it, and then covered with concrete. Protective board or brick, covering width should exceed 50mm on both sides of the cable.

3. Directly buried cables should be worn in protective pipes when entering handhole wells, manhole wells, control boxes and power distribution rooms, and the nozzles should be made of waterproof plugs. When intersecting with urban roads, bridges, etc., protection pipes should be added. The depth from the top of the protection pipe to the road surface is not less than 0.7m, and the two ends of the protection pipe extend out of the lane not less than 0.5m. When the cable is led out of the ground, a 2.5m protective pipe should be added on the ground, the root of the pipe should be extended into the ground for 0.2m, and the protective pipe must be firmly fixed.

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