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Single Core Underground Copper Armored Cable

  • YJV
  • RMjT

Power cables, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. For urban underground power grid, power outlet, the internal power supply and industrial and mining enterprises across the river underwater transmission lines.

YJV Cable Application:

YJV cables are the backbone cables in power transmission. They are usually found in urban underground passages (underground manhole covers) or buried underground. Construction teams often cut off the power cables during construction and cause large-scale power outages.

Product Name
YJV (YJLV), Copper (aluminum) core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable
Rated Voltage
0.6/1kv 3.6/6kv 6/10kv 8.7/15kv 26/35kv
Voltage level
Low voltage cable, Medium voltage cable, High voltage cable, Ultra high voltage cable
Common size
1mm², 1.5mm², 2.5mm², 4mm², 6mm², 10mm², 16mm², 25mm², 35mm², 50mm², 70mm², 95mm², 120mm², 150mm², 185mm², 240mm², 300mm², etc.
Number of cores
Single core, 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, 3+1 cores, 3+2 cores, 4+1 cores, etc.
Copper (aluminum) conductor, polyethylene insulator, filler (nylon, pvc composite material, etc.), polyvinyl chloride outer sheath
Types of YJV (YJLV)
Ordinary type, flame-retardant type, fire-resistant type, low-smoke halogen-free type
Steel tape armored, steel wire armored
power distribution engineering, power transmission engineering, electromechanical and hydropower installation engineering, power transmission, power supply installation system, control system, etc.

Instruction of appliction:
* the ambient temperature for cable installation: ≥0℃
* maximum conductor temperature in normal operation: ≤90℃
* max operating temperature of conductor when cable short-circuited (5s maximum duration): ≤250℃.

Installation Precautions:

1. The minimum bending radius when laying the cable is not less than 10 times the outer diameter of the cable,

2. yjv / yjlv cables are laid indoors, in channels and pipes, and can also be buried in loose soil, which cannot bear external forces.

3. The yjv22 / yjlv22 cables are laid underground and can withstand external mechanical forces, but cannot withstand large tensile forces.

4. Special tools should be used for cable laying, such as pay-off racks, guide rollers, etc., to prevent mechanical damage during the laying process and keep away from heat sources.

5. When laying the cable through the pipe, the inner diameter of the pipe should not be less than 1.5 times the outer diameter of the click. It is for bidden to squeeze the cable when passing through the pipe. The total area of the cable should not exceed 40% of the total area of the pipe.


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