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The dry winter is the peak of fires, many of which are caused by insulated power cable. As we all know, the current exceeding a certain voltage can cause great damage to the human body. Therefore, except for the copper conductor power cable erected at high altitude, corresponding measures need to be taken to prevent other kinds from being exposed. In fact, the exposed ac aluminum power cable not only poses a threat to the power supply system, but also damages the safety of people and property.
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After development of more than one century, automatic die casting machine has become one of the important equipment in the foundry industry. Compared with other liquid forming methods, die casting machine for aluminum is widely favored for its advantages of high dimensional accuracy of castings, high productivity, and diversified molds. Among its many classifications, hot chamber and cold chamber die casting machines are the most common.
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Power cables have been in use for many years. Since the emergence of copper core pvc cable, they have been favored by many in the power distribution system cable market due to their easy installation, operation and maintenance. In recent years, insulated pvc cable has been widely used in power transmission systems. Since electrical pvc cable is the basic guarantee for the safe operation of regional power grids, how to extend its life has become a hot topic in the industry.
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With the continuous development of the power industry, the application of insulated overhead cable has gradually become more extensive. Factors such as length and weight are an important part of considering the use of aerial bundle overhead cable. In order to standardize the aluminum core overhead cable construction technology, high engineering quality, and ensure construction safety, it is necessary to study and discuss its dimensions.
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The production of insulated overhead cable is completely different from that of most electromechanical products. All aluminum core overhead cables are made from the processing of conductors, layer by layer with insulation, shielding, cable formation, and protective layer on the periphery of the conductor. Although some people confuse differences of aerial bundle overhead cable with ordinary wires, in fact the two are rather different.
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In the process of new construction, renovation or expansion of many facilities, the scale of electrical equipment control cable construction is very large. The quality of the instrument monitoring control cable has become an important factor restricting the long-term safe operation of the equipment. Therefore, the test before PVC copper core control cable leaving the factory is very important.
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Although copper core pvc cable is often used indoors, it can work stably in pipelines, cross-sea power transmission, and underground environments. Compared with overhead transmission lines, construction structure of insulated pvc cable determines its maintenance workload is small, and it has the characteristics of beautifying the environment and optimizing the layout. PVC cable can be widely used in urban power grids, especially in some large-scale outdoor projects.
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Whether it is an insulated power cable or other types of cables, it may malfunction due to man-made or natural reasons during use. After a fault occurs, the copper conductor power cable fault should be handled as soon as possible to ensure normal power transmission. At the same time, it is understood that more than 80% of ac aluminum power cable accidents are caused by improper operation and improper laying.
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Power plants, power stations, and power consumers all use insulated power cable on a large scale. However, some companies do not pay attention to the laying and maintenance of copper conductor power cable. Such a power environment is very unfavorable to personal and property safety, and has become one of urgent problems to be solved about the use of ac aluminum power cable.
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With the increasing of electrical machinery, electrical xlpe cable has become more and more widely used. Related personnel continue to study and improve its design, manufacturing process, and test technology to ensure that insulated xlpe cable can operate more safely and stably. However, in recent years, with the extensive use of safe xlpe cable in urban construction and transformation, failure number has gradually increased.
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