People's Cable Group won the honor of "National Quality Benchmark" in 2021

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2021 National Quality Benchmark

The China Association for Quality publicized the "2021 National Quality Benchmark List", and People's Cable Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Group") was successfully selected for its innovative practice of "Digitalization of Six Chemical Industries to Promote High-Quality Development". Founded in 2007, the group is a national non-regional enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales. This honor is not only an affirmation of the quality of the group's products, but also a great encouragement to the innovation of the quality management model. "Quality Benchmarking" represents the best practical experience of industrial enterprises in applying advanced quality management methods, carrying out quality management activities, improving the physical quality of products, improving quality assurance capabilities, and improving operating performance.

People's Cable Group began to actively explore the digitalization of the industry in 2016. In this process, we lead the high-quality development of the company with the high-quality development of party building, and improve the comprehensive quality of all employees through systematic party building integration; improve leanness through comprehensive standardized management The management level has successively won the "Advanced Primary Party Organization in Henan Province", "Henan Province 5A Standardization Demonstration Enterprise", and "Henan Province Industrial Design Center", laying a strong foundation for the breakthrough of industrial digitalization. On this basis, after years of iterative practice, a management model of "digitalization of the six-chemical cohesion industry" has finally been formed. This model is based on informatization, combined with the production characteristics of the cable industry, and based on the system construction of technical standards, corporate standards, management standards and work standards, forming a complete six standardized system architecture, through the standardization of business processes, the digitization of corporate resources, and operations The interaction of the six aspects of real-time monitoring, coordinated operation and management, refined process management and control, and cost efficiency optimization will realize all-round and digital management capabilities, release the value of industrial digitalization, and realize the innovative development of the six modernization models.

The application of the digital innovation model of the Sixth Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has laid the foundation for the group's four-type enterprise of "innovation-driven, quality-benefit, manufacturing service, and social responsibility". It has achieved many achievements in customer service, production management, design management, etc. With positive results, the group’s market share and customer satisfaction have continued to rise sharply; production efficiency has increased by 25%, labor savings have been 27%, and delivery time has been increased to 96%. At the same time, the group has actively participated in the development of standards and patents. There are 7 standards, 5 invention patents and 49 utility model patents, forming a core technology research and development innovation system.

This time, the Group won the "National Quality Benchmark" inseparable from the support and affirmation of the majority of customers. The follow-up group will take the "Quality Benchmark" as an opportunity to actively play the role of benchmarking, deepen innovation capabilities, improve product quality, and carry out more effective quality. Management practice, set up a "Made in China" quality benchmark, enhance the confidence of domestic and foreign consumers in "Made in China", and strive for the grand goal of "becoming the most respected cable company in the world"!

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