Leaders from Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China's Bureau of Industry and Information Technology visited People's Cable Group for investigation

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On the morning of December 15, 2021, Deputy Director Wu Zhongyang, Investigator Chen Jinfen, Director of Science and Technology Department Sun Honglin and Deputy Director Meng Changjun of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology visited the people accompanied by Feng Qiuping, Deputy Director of Gongyi Science and Technology Innovation Service Center The Cable Group conducts research on the advanced experience of the company's product quality standards and the construction of an innovation platform. Cao Mingju, Chairman of People's Cable Group, and Cao Zhifeng, General Manager, extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the party.

Director Wu and his entourage visited the group's wire and cable experience museum under the leadership of Dong Cao. During the visit, Chairman Cao introduced the development history of the group and the achievements made in recent years to the leaders in detail. Subsequently, Director Wu and his entourage went deep into the production line of our group company and had a detailed understanding of the production situation of our company. Group Cao Dong gave a detailed explanation to Director Wu on the production process of wire and cable.

After the visit, the leaders highly appreciated and recognized the advanced production technology and corporate culture of our group, and encouraged the group to continuously strengthen technological innovation, hard power and soft power go hand in hand, lead the industry to develop together, and contribute more to the society. At the same time, it will continue to provide enterprises with a full range of services.

The rapid development of People's Cable Group is inseparable from the care and support of the state, provincial and municipal party and government leaders. Cao Dong said that People's Cable Group will continue to rely on technological innovation, strengthen product quality, improve software and hardware strengths, strive for a more leading position in the cable industry, and build a more pioneering high-tech enterprise with strong R&D capabilities. In the great process of the high-quality economic development of our province, contribute your own strength!

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