How to test control cable?

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In the process of new construction, renovation or expansion of many facilities, the scale of electrical equipment control cable construction is very large. The quality of the instrument monitoring control cable has become an important factor restricting the long-term safe operation of the equipment. Therefore, the test before PVC copper core control cable leaving the factory is very important.


Here is the content list:

  • Is the control cable thicker the better?

  • What are main factors affecting performance of control cable?

  • What test should the control cable undergo before leaving factory?


Is the control cable thicker the better?

In the process of purchasing control cables, I believe that many buyers have heard that the thicker the control cable is, the better, because the thicker the control cable can provide a larger tolerable current, and it will have better performance. So, is this statement true?

According to the explanation in physics, the larger the diameter and the smaller the resistance of a control cable of the same material and length, the more current will pass in the same time.

Although this is indeed an important influencing factor, in actual control cable application, it cannot be judged simply by the diameter of the control cable conductor.

The control cable is composed of conductor, insulation, filling and shielding, each part is related to the thickness of the industrial control cable. And, the production of these structures is affected by the following factors.


What are main factors affecting performance of control cable?

In the production of control cable, various problems are often encountered, and there are many factors that affect the quality of control cable. In fact, there are four main factors that have a great influence on the quality of control cable: Temperature, electric field strength, humidity, material purity.

  • Temperature

As the temperature during PVC copper core control cable production increases, the insulation resistivity decreases. This is due to the increase in thermal motion as well as the increase in ion generation and migration.

  • Electric field strength

The relative standard stipulates that the withstand voltage test voltage of various control cables is in a stage where the ion mobility increases in proportion to the electric field strength.

When the electric field strength is close to breakdown, a large amount of electron migration will occur, which greatly reduces the insulation performance of the control cable.

  • Humidity

Due to the high conductivity of water, and under the action of heat, water molecules can easily penetrate into the protective layer, increasing the conductive ions therein and reducing the insulation resistance. Therefore, the control cable must be immersed before leaving the factory.

  • Impurities

If impurities are mixed into the raw materials during the production process of the control cable, the conductive particles in the material will be increased, and the quality of the control cable will decrease, and its insulation and power transmission effects will be difficult to guarantee.


What test should the control cable undergo before leaving factory?

First of all, the conductor resistance directly reflects the electrical transmission performance of the control cable, and directly affects the temperature, life, voltage and operational safety of the cable in the energized operation.

The standard has strict regulations on the resistance of control cable conductors of different specifications, and should not be greater than the value specified in the standard.

Then, the voltage test of the control cable finished product and the voltage test between the insulated wires not only require the cable to have sufficient insulation capacity, but also require the insulation or sheath material to be uniform and free of impurities, otherwise it will cause failure of pressure test.

The anti-aging test challenges to the ability of the insulation and sheath materials of the control cable to maintain their original performance under high temperature conditions. Aging should not seriously affect the tensile strength and elongation of the material, which will directly affect the service life of the cable.


We can conclude that a single factor cannot judge the quality of instrument monitoring control cables. Buyers need to take multiple parameters into consideration according to the actual situation to buy suitable electrical equipment control cables. The PVC copper core control cable produced by People’s Cable Group Co., Ltd. has been thoroughly tested before leaving the factory, and we will only deliver high-quality products to customers.

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