How to identify overhead cable?

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The production of insulated overhead cable is completely different from that of most electromechanical products. All aluminum core overhead cables are made from the processing of conductors, layer by layer with insulation, shielding, cable formation, and protective layer on the periphery of the conductor. Although some people confuse differences of aerial bundle overhead cable with ordinary wires, in fact the two are rather different.


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  • What are the components of overhead cable?

  • How to distinguish overhead cable and ordinary wire?

  • How to identify the overhead cable worth buying?


What are the components of overhead cable?

When the buyer is going to identify the overhead cable, the buyer should have a general understanding of the structure first. The manufacturing of overhead cables involves complex processes and a wide range of materials.

Before leaving the factory, strict quality inspections must be accepted to ensure that each part of the overhead cable performs its due role and can withstand the test of the environment and continuous work.

  • Conductive core

The core of the overhead cable is made of copper or aluminum. According to the erection and use conditions and the requirements for the sturdiness of the overhead cable, each core may be twisted by multiple wires.

  • Insulation layer

The insulating material used as the overhead cable should have high insulation resistance, breakdown electric field strength, low dielectric loss and dielectric constant. Overhead cable often uses its insulating material as part of its name, including pvc, xlpe, rubber, etc.

  • Seal sheath

The sealing sleeve can protect the metal core of the overhead cable from high-altitude moisture, moisture, chemicals, sun exposure, etc. For the insulating layer that is susceptible to moisture, lead or aluminum extrusion sealing sheath is generally used.

  • Protective cover

The protective layer of the overhead cable is used to protect the sealing sheath from mechanical damage. Galvanized steel tape, copper tape like armor wrapped around the sheath, so the overhead cable with a protective layer is also called armored cable.

The armor layer of the overhead cable can simultaneously play the role of electric field shielding and preventing external electromagnetic wave interference. In order to prevent the armor layer from being corroded by the surrounding medium, the general manufacturer will spray asphalt or add a protective cover on their outside.


How to distinguish overhead cable and ordinary wire?

The most obvious difference between overhead cable and ordinary wire is the size. Wires are generally small in size. However, overhead cable can also be classified as a generalized wire sometimes.

From the point of view of composition, the wire is composed of one or several soft wires, and the outer covering is covered with a light soft protective layer, which is used to carry current conductive metal wire. Wires come in various forms such as solid, stranded or foil braided.

The overhead cable is an insulated wire composed of one or more mutually insulated conductive cores placed in a sealed sheath. A protective cover layer can be added to the outside of the overhead cable to transmit and distribute electrical energy or transmit electrical signals. Compared with ordinary wires, the composition of overhead cables is also more complicated.


How to identify the overhead cable worth buying?

Overhead cable is of great significance for optimizing line structure, saving energy and reducing consumption and reducing cost. It is the first choice for building a green power distribution network.

Because of the popularity of overhead cables, there are many manufacturers in the market, many of which are shoddy. If you blindly pursue low-cost overhead cables, the products you buy may either be defective or have short in quantity.

In fact, according to national standards, the surface of overhead cable should have continuous marks of manufacturer's name, product model and rated voltage. This is conducive to the use of overhead cable, if there is a problem with the overhead cable, the buyer can find the manufacturer in time. Consumers must pay attention to this when purchasing overhead insulated cables.

At the same time, when consumers buy overhead cables, they should pay attention to whether the manufacturer's name, product model, and rated voltage indicated on the certificate are consistent with the printed logo on the surface of the overhead cable to prevent counterfeit products. The overhead cable with an expired certificate is also not a product worth buying.


Metal core overhead cable can integrate the requirements of land saving, energy saving, material saving and environmental protection through the whole process of distribution network planning, design and construction. People’s Cable Group Co., Ltd. vigorously uses new technologies and equipment to make insulated overhead cables more coordinated with the surrounding environment, promote energy conservation, improve the utilization efficiency of aerial bundle overhead cables, and effectively reduce environmental pollution.

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