How long does pvc cable last?

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Power cables have been in use for many years. Since the emergence of copper core pvc cable, they have been favored by many in the power distribution system cable market due to their easy installation, operation and maintenance. In recent years, insulated pvc cable has been widely used in power transmission systems. Since electrical pvc cable is the basic guarantee for the safe operation of regional power grids, how to extend its life has become a hot topic in the industry.


Here is the content list:

  • Why does pvc cable have a time advantage in application?

  • What is the difference between design life and actual life of pvc cable?

  • How to extend the actual service life of pvc cable?


Why does pvc cable have a time advantage in application?

The copper core pvc cable has great advantages in application. First of all, due to its strong electrical performance, it can make the electric field strength reach a very high level. Secondly, the cable has strong thermal aging resistance and mechanical strength.

At the same time, pvc cable has strong convenience during use, and the power supply can be restored in time after cooling down. In addition, copper core pvc cable will not crack due to environmental reasons during application, so it has strong reliability.


What is the difference between design life and actual life of pvc cable?

The designed life is in the design stage, comprehensively considering the technical life, economic life, natural life and other reference factors of the cable. Different pvc cables have different life spans, but they can basically reach decades.

The designed life is different from the natural life, because the service life of pvc cable is also affected by many other conditions. The designed life is derived through corresponding derivation, and it is mainly used to evaluate and decide the life cycle.

  • Technical life span

This life span refers to the time from a pvc cable technology being put into use to being eliminated because of backwardness.

  • Natural life span

Due to physical loss, the period from when a pvc cable is put into use to the limit state of stopping use.

  • Economic life span

From the beginning of using pvc cable to the lowest average annual total cost. After this time limit, it is not economical to repair the pvc cable, and you can consider replacing it.


How to extend the actual service life of pvc cable?

During production, the raw materials of pvc cable should be strictly checked, avoiding the use of easily aging raw materials, in order to effectively guarantee the normal service life of pvc cable from the source.

When installing, laying and storing pvc cable, the corresponding regulations should be followed. Relevant personnel should protect the pvc cable from moisture, and the cable head should be sealed tightly. It is strictly forbidden to lay the cable in rainy weather.

At the same time, they must ensure that pvc cables are not stored near salt, alkali, acid and other materials. During the pvc cable laying process, construction personnel should pay attention to avoid damage to the outer skin and insulation layer.

The maintenance of pvc cable is very important, which is conducive to quickly and accurately judge the nature, status and scope of cable faults, and is a key technology to reduce fault losses.

In the process of maintaining pvc cable, the amount of current should be reasonably distributed, and the pvc cable should not be allowed to run for a long time in an excessively high temperature environment to avoid dangerous accidents.

In addition, maintenance personnel should also take corresponding measures to reduce the impact of operating overvoltage and avoid damage to the pvc cable from multiple impulse voltages. This can slow down the aging speed of insulated pvc cable, so as to fully extend whose service life.


The life span of copper core pvc cable has been continuously extended, and the operation quality and efficiency have been improved, but there are still some problems to be solved at present. People’s Cable Group Co., Ltd. is committed to continuous research and development of new insulated pvc cable technology, and guarantees its position in the market with innovation and enthusiasm. If you are looking for the latest high-tech and high-performance electrical pvc cable, don't let our products slip.

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