How does a power cable work?

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With the rapid economic growth, huge energy demand will follow. Among the many energy sources, the most demanded by human social activities is electric energy. In order to solve the problem of uneven power distribution, insulated power cable is widely used in various circuit networks. Copper conductor power cable can improve the efficiency of power transmission, but few people know the working principle behind aluminum cored power cable.


Here is the content list:

  • What role does power cable play in the power system?

  • How do the components of power cable help power work?

  • What kind of work will power cable manage to do in the future market?


What role does power cable play in the power system?

First, the power plant turns other forms of energy into electrical power, and then transmits and distributes the electrical energy to users through transformers and power cables. After that, the user converts it into various forms of energy suitable for the user's needs through various electrical equipment.

These various electrical devices that produce, transmit, distribute and consume electrical energy are connected together to form a whole called the power system. The power cable is responsible for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy in the power system.


How do the components of power cable help power work?

Power cable is the main component of the power system, which is generally laid in underground corridors. Its main function is to transmit and distribute electrical energy. They are mainly used in urban areas, national defense projects, and power stations that must use underground power supply.

In general, a power cable is mainly composed of three parts: a conductor that transmits current, withstand voltage, an insulating layer that acts as an insulation, and a protective coating that protects the cable insulation from the external environment.

  • Metal conductor

Copper conductor power cable is widely used, especially in power supply systems. It has high tensile strength and stable operation. It has high conductivity, copper conductor power cable with the same cross section is 1.3 times that of aluminum ones, but its price is more expensive.

It is precisely because of the high price of copper that aluminum conductor power cable is now being used in some places. This kind of cable is lighter in weight, not resistant to tension, and has low conductivity, but its elongation coefficient is greater than that of copper, and its cost is relatively low.

  • Conductor shielding layer

The conductor shielding layer is a shielding structure formed by the semi-conductive material tightly wrapped around the wire and tightly combined with the insulating inner surface.

The power cable shielding layer can effectively fill the air gap between the conductor and the insulation and prevent the air gap between the conductors from discharging.

  • Insulation shielding layer

The insulating shielding layer of a power cable is generally composed of a two-layer structure. One layer is a structure closely combined with the conductor, and the other layer is a metal shielding layer arranged outside the conductor shielding layer.

This layer can not only reduce the probability of power cable being damaged by collision, but also provide a short-circuit current path and a neutral path when the power cable is short-circuited.

  • Cable sheath

This kind of power cable is generally a copper-core power cable. In addition to an insulating layer outside the wire, there is a protective layer outside the wire. The main function of the power cable sheath is to protect the cable from the surrounding environment and operate safely.


What kind of work will power cable manage to do in the future market?

The pace of urbanization is accelerating, providing a huge market space for power cable. Faced with such a strong temptation, the world has focused its attention on the domestic power cable market, and the huge production capacity of domestic power cable manufacturing industry has also impressed the world.

However, some power cable manufacturers are busy developing production and increasing output, and are not willing to invest money and manpower to develop new products, especially high-precision products, and do not pay attention to improving the quality and brand reputation.

The development of power cable varieties with high-end technology has been slow. According to statistics, only about 30% of domestic cable brands have reached the level of international market acceptance and competition.

Power cable technology progress and product upgrades are slow, and the phenomenon of homogeneous competition is serious, resulting in serious overcapacity in the entire industry.

If the manufacturers want to change this situation and realize the sustainable development, transformation and upgrading work of power cable are imperative.


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