Henan Province, the second-level investigator of the Law Popularization and Legal Governance Division of the Department of Justice, Hu Nan and other leaders visited People's Cable Group for research

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On the afternoon of October 20, 2021, Hu Nan, the second-level investigator of the Law Popularization and Legal Governance Division of the Department of Justice of Henan Province, He Xiangzhou, Section Chief of the Law-based Administration and Law Popularization Work Section of the Luohe Judicial Bureau, and the Secretary Section of the Kaifeng Municipal Party Committee’s Law-based Governance Office Long Guo Dan and other leaders, accompanied by Liu Xiaodong, a member of the Gongyi Municipal Government Party Leadership Group and a fourth-level investigator, and Zhang Hongkui, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yong'an Road Street, visited the People's Cable Group to conduct research and guidance on the legal construction of our group. Cao Mingju, chairman of the group, extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the party.

During the investigation, the leaders seriously inquired about the development of various legal construction work of our group company. Chairman Cao of the group introduced to the leaders in detail the working ideas and results of the group company's "learning, popularizing and using".


Finally, after visiting the party building park and party building cultural corridor of our group company, a group of leaders came to the group’s rule of law office to guide the group’s rule of law work. In its daily work, the Group implements the concept of rule of law and practices laws and regulations from multiple angles and dimensions: set up a publicity column in the factory area, regularly display relevant content such as the constitution, civil code, safety regulations, labor regulations, etc., to enhance the awareness of law learning for all employees ; In the daily morning meeting sharing session, uninterrupted publicity of the law, especially case publicity and implementation of the safety law and labor law that are closely related to employees; at the same time, actively implement corporate responsibilities in accordance with legal requirements: sign labor contracts with employees and pay social security , Pay workers’ wages on time according to the specified time every month, organize legal lectures and special trainings, set up a rule of law center, and provide employees with legal consultation and assistance services for free; through the above-mentioned linkages, improve employees’ legal awareness and promote the healthy operation of the company .

After the investigation, the leaders affirmed the development of the group's legal work. Cao Dong said: In the future work, the group company will further improve the level of legal management and decision-making, strengthen the construction of the rule of law culture, lay a solid foundation for the group's "Three Five-Year" strategic development plan, and contribute to the comprehensive construction of a society ruled by law.

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