Geng Jun, Director of the Enforcement Inspection Division of the Market Supervision Bureau of Henan Province, China and other leaders visited the People's Cable Group for investigation

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Recently, Geng Jun, Director of the Law Enforcement Inspection Division of the Henan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Li Meihuan, the first-level chief officer of the Law Enforcement Inspection Division, Zhao Liwang, deputy director of the National Building Materials Center, and Ma Zhiyong, the Chief of the Enforcement Inspection Division of the Pingdingshan Municipal Bureau, and other leaders have conducted market supervision in Gongyi City. Secretary of the Bureau’s Party Group, Director Cui Weiguo, Deputy Director Song Peijun and other leaders, visited People's Cable Group for investigation. This investigation focused on cable quality and safety and had an in-depth understanding of the overall quality control of the cable industry in Gongyi. Group General Manager Cao Zhifeng Welcome to the arrival of the leaders of the party.

The leaders first visited the group's wire and cable experience museum to understand the overall situation of the company, and then walked into the party building activity center and the red cultural corridor to understand the development of the company's party building and the role of party building's leading role in the actual development of the company; Later, he went to the production workshop and the quality inspection center to check, and focused on the quality control and quality inspection situation in the cable production process. During the visit, Mr. Cao reported to Director Geng on the business development and quality control work. During the exchange, President Cao said: The group attaches great importance to product quality, always insists on innovation to drive enterprise development, earnestly implements the important instructions of the general secretary of the Quality has always been placed in an important position and the quality of products is effectively controlled. Through the promotion and implementation of a series of powerful measures, employees have gradually developed good quality control habits; in actual work, prevention is the first and the principle of control, and quickly solves the existence In response to the problems that arise, we are selfless, and resolutely implement quality responsibilities; lay the foundation of quality control with the "zero defect" quality concept to ensure the sound operation of quality work.

Director Geng first affirmed the achievements of our company in terms of quality and highly praised the healthy and healthy corporate culture construction under the leadership of the party building. As a leading enterprise in the wire and cable industry in Gongyi City, he hopes that the group can, on the basis of summing up the good experience accumulated in the early stage, uphold the innovative concept, further in-depth research on the depth and breadth of the quality work, and raise the quality work to a new height , To form a unique quality development model, and make continuous efforts to promote the realization of the strategic goal of a strong province in quality in Henan Province.

In the next step, the group will implement the strategic policy of innovation-driven development, further stimulate the innovation vitality of the enterprise, continue to explore new ideas and new methods for quality development work, strive to build China's cable world brand, and contribute more to the development of Henan's economy. !

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