Can the power cable be exposed?

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The dry winter is the peak of fires, many of which are caused by insulated power cable. As we all know, the current exceeding a certain voltage can cause great damage to the human body. Therefore, except for the copper conductor power cable erected at high altitude, corresponding measures need to be taken to prevent other kinds from being exposed. In fact, the exposed ac aluminum power cable not only poses a threat to the power supply system, but also damages the safety of people and property.


Here is the content list:

  • Why power cable is exposed in the work environment?

  • What are the consequences of power cable aging to expose?

  • What are the precautions for changing exposed aging power cable?


Why power cable is exposed in the work environment?

The fall of the protective layers caused by the aging of the power cable is a serious problem. If it is not repaired in time, it will cause accidents such as fire. Why does this phenomenon occur during power cable use?

The power cable mainly relies on the outer insulating layer to ensure electricity safety. In a variety of harsh working environments, ac aluminum power cables are corroded by external gases for a long time, and the insulation performance gradually decreases, slowly aging and hardening, becoming brittle or falling off, and then it can no longer play the role of insulation.


What are the consequences of power cable aging to expose?

After the power cable is aging, the insulation performance will decrease and short circuit will easily occur, especially in humid weather. Even if the power cable looks intact, the insulation performance has been already reduced, not to mention the ones exposed to the air. When moisture penetrates into the metal conductor, short circuit may occur, leading to the fire.

According to statistics from an authoritative organization, many fires are caused by aging ones. What is worrying is that some ac aluminum power cables are still in use after more than ten years of service, and their insulating layer is almost peeled off, and there are many damages. This creates a huge safety hazard for fire or electric leakage.


What are the precautions for changing exposed aging power cable?

Because the popularity of power cable is already very high, the production of all walks of life is inseparable from power cable, and the safety of its use directly affects the safety of production.

However, the old power cable is exposed to the sun and rain, and is laid in a humid, high temperature, and gaseous environment, the insulation layer is prone to hardening, aging, peeling or cracking. This situation causes the power cable to have a short circuit and leakage and cause a fire accident, so the old ones should be replaced in time.

1.        Power cable should not be laid in places where corrosive gas or flammable and explosive materials are concentrated. They will seriously affect the normal service life.

2.        The power cable should be managed by a dedicated person, and regularly inspected, tested and maintained. After the repaired power cable, it should be proved that its safety performance meets the requirements of normal use.

3.        Power cables with unqualified safety performance shall not be put into use. When the power cable cannot be repaired or fails to meet the specified safety performance after repair, it should be scrapped in time and marked in an obvious location.

4.        When non relative operators need to engage in auxiliary work for power cable replacement, they should take the initiative to understand or introduce the relevant safety knowledge, precautions or requirements on the site by the power cable operators, and participate under the guidance of correspondingly qualified personnel.

5.        The unused power cable for a long time should go through necessary maintenance and safety performance test before reuse.


With the upgrading of the distribution network, a large number of ac aluminum power cable hybrid lines have been put into use. Therefore, the timely maintenance and replacement of copper conductor power cable hybrid lines need to be paid more attention. As a responsible insulated underground power cable manufacturer, People’s Cable Group Co., Ltd. recommends that you consult professionals when you need to replace the product. We hope to use our products to create the greatest economic benefits for you.

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