Can pvc cable be used outside?

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Although copper core pvc cable is often used indoors, it can work stably in pipelines, cross-sea power transmission, and underground environments. Compared with overhead transmission lines, construction structure of insulated pvc cable determines its maintenance workload is small, and it has the characteristics of beautifying the environment and optimizing the layout. PVC cable can be widely used in urban power grids, especially in some large-scale outdoor projects.


Here is the content list:

  • What are the characteristics of the external materials of pvc cables?

  • How to lay pvc cable safely outdoors?

  • Can pvc cable be used in more outdoor constructions in the future?


What are the characteristics of the external materials of pvc cables?

PVC is a very common material on the market. Because of its low cost and good ductility, toughness and heat resistance, it is used to make the outer part.

The pvc that can be selected as the outer material of insulated pvc cable, which should have many characteristics, because it needs to protect the normal operation of the internal cable under various harsh working environments.

  • Stretch & pressure resistance

The external material of pvc cable should have good tensile and compressive strength, and be able to bear the pressure from various working environments, such as ocean and underground.

  • Anti-corrosion

The material used on pvc cable should have excellent corrosion resistance, including acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. It should also not be affected by moisture and soil pH. It does not need any anti-corrosion treatment when laying pvc cable.

  • Sealing performance

The pvc cable has good sealing performance. Regardless of the method of laying pvc cable, it has good water tightness and air tightness, ensuring that it will not expose the inner core to the outside and cause accidents during work.

  • Nutrition free

PVC cable is not a source of nutrition, so it will not be corroded by rodents, which extends its life to a certain extent and ensures the safety of construction operations.


How to lay pvc cable safely outdoors?

The operation quality, safety and reliability of the power supply system are not only related to the quality of the pvc cable itself, but also related to the construction quality of the pvc cable accessories and lines.

Through statistical analysis of line failures, failures due to construction are often much more likely than failures caused by pvc cable body defects. Besides selecting pvc cable correctly and conducting construction according to the specifications, the following issues should also be paid attention to:

1.        The installation of pvc cable should be carried out by qualified professional units or professionals. Construction does not meet the requirements of relevant regulations may cause the system to fail to operate normally.

2.        When laying pvc cable manually, the command-and-control rhythm should be unified, and the speed should be slowed down to improve accuracy.

3.        When pvc cable is mechanically laid, a special cable laying machine is generally used and necessary traction tools are used, and the traction force should be appropriate and evenly controlled to avoid damage to the cable.

4.        Before putting the pvc cable, check the appearance of the pvc cable and whether the seal is intact. Pay attention to the direction of rotation of the cable reel when putting it, and do not flatten or scratch the outer sheath of the cable. In the low temperature in winter, do not straighten the pvc cable by beating to avoid cracking of the insulation and sheath.

5.        When laying, the bending radius of pvc cable should be greater than the specified value. Before and after laying and installing the pvc cable, measure whether the insulation resistance between the conductors of the cable is normal, and make appropriate corrections to the measurement results according to the difference in cable model specifications, length and ambient temperature.

6.        Pay attention to the influence of soil conditions and surrounding buildings, and accidental damage with pvc cable. After finishing the laying, obvious signs should be erected when necessary.


Can pvc cable be used in more outdoor constructions in the future?

In the initial use of pvc cable to construct medium-voltage distribution grid, its design level and manufacturing process were not mature, but with the continuous advancement of science and technology in recent years, the design process and manufacturing process of pvc cable have been comprehensively improved. The scope of its application has gradually expanded.

The operating cost, reliability, and long life of pvc cable have gradually become the focus of power distribution network management for power supply enterprises. This requires power supply companies to continuously optimize cable operation and maintenance methods and cable asset management methods, and promote pvc cable to benefit people's lives more.


In the future development, insulated pvc cable will bring greater economic benefits to power companies. People’s Cable Group Co., Ltd. believes that with the continuous development of information technology, copper core pvc cable, as the basic guarantee for regional power projects, should receive more attention. If you also think that electrical pvc cable is a worthy investment project, we will provide you with more information, welcome to consult our customer service for further purchasing and cooperation.

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