Armored cable VS non-armored cable

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Armored cables are made of conductors of different materials enclosed in metal sleeves with insulating materials and processed into a solid, flexible combination. Armored cables include armored thermocouples, armored thermal resistances, armored heaters and armored leads. They are mainly used for temperature measurement, signal transmission and special heating in chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power generation and scientific experiments, etc., with the largest amount Is an armored thermocouple.

Non-armoured cables refer to cables without steel armor protection. The insulation performance of the cable is very important to ensure the safe operation of the power supply system. Therefore, how to detect the insulation performance of the cable and find the potential defects of the cable as early as possible is very necessary. Most of the current researches are aimed at armored cables, and few people have studied the insulation performance testing methods of unarmored cables. The insulation detection methods used mainly include partial discharge method, optical fiber temperature measurement method, leakage current method, etc.

The difference between armored cable and non-armoured cable

1. The structure of the two is different. Compared with the unarmored cable, the armored cable has an extra layer of metal reinforcement on the surface.

2. The scope of application of the two is different. The armored cable has a reinforcement layer on the surface, which is suitable for use when buried in the ground, while the non-armored cable has no reinforcement layer on the surface, so generally it cannot be buried in the ground for use, but other In general, non-armoured cables are used.

3. The purpose of the two is different. Armored cables are used when they are buried in the ground. In direct burial and laying, armored cables are required. Non-armoured cables cannot be used when buried. In other cases, non-armoured cables are used.

Advantages of armored cables

1. The mechanical protection layer of the armored cable can be added to any structure of the cable to increase the mechanical strength of the cable and improve the corrosion resistance. Designed for areas that are prone to mechanical damage and are highly susceptible to erosion. It can be laid in any way, in which steel tape armored cables are generally laid straight and can withstand external forces in the horizontal direction. Steel wire armored cables are mostly used in vertical installations such as shafts.

2. The cable has an armored layer, which can also enhance mechanical protection such as tensile and compressive resistance, and prolong the service life.

3. The armored cable has a certain resistance to external forces, and can also prevent rat bites, and will not cause power transmission problems through the armor. The bending radius of the armor should be large, and the armor layer can be directly grounded to protect the cable.

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