People's Cable Group Co., Ltd.

Made Perfect cable for all the people in the world.


Work with Us - Win Tender Together

  • You will get full copy of Financial Statements, Foreign Engineering Project List, Machines And Test Equipments List, Certificates Copy, Type Test Report and other things you need.

    Files send through email in 1 hour, we also have phone service for your further questions.

    15 years experiences of manufacturing and supplying electricity transmission application project.

    200+ tender awards of overseas. 5300+ bid presentation.

    Works with state grid of many countries in Asia, South American, Middle East and Africa.

    Low Price. Quality guarantee. Flexible payment terms. We know how tender works.

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  • Competitive Price

    • Big factories with cost optimized
    • Advanced manufacturing equipments and facilities
    • Raw material price balance with aluminum copper futures operation
  • Quality Guarantee

    • BV/ISO/CCC/OHSAS etc Certificates acquired
    • Country Trusted Brand - Inspection-free Product of the State
    • Conquering and Dedicate R&D Center - State grade technology labs
  • Flexible Payment Terms

    • T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P or as Your call
    • A foundation and support of your success
    • A Win-win business partner with long-term interests guarantee
  • OEM, ODM, OBM Available

    • Manufacturing cable and wires with your terms and conditions
    • Rich OEM and ODM experiences can help Expand your brand
    • Develop cables and wires with your national standards and support your power grids