NOs 90 ACSR Conductor - Code CAT - BS EN 215

Physical and Electricity Properties Sheet

ItemTechnical Details
Code NameCat
StandardBS EN 215, Specification for Aluminum Conductors, Steel Reinforced (ACSR)
Nominal Alum90
Aluminum Area95.4 mm2
Steel Area15.9 mm2
Total Area111.3 mm2
Aluminum Wire Nos6
Single Aluminum Wire Dia4.50 mm OR 0.1771 ins
Steel Wire Nos1
Single Steel Wire Dia4.50 mm OR 0.1771 ins
Approx Overall Dia13.5 mm OR 0.531 ins
Aluminum Weight262 kg/km OR 176 lbs/1000ft
Steel Weight124 kg/km OR 83 lbs/1000ft
Total Weight386 kg/km OR 259 lbs/1000ft
Aluminum Content67.88%
Steel Content32.12%
Nominal Breaking Load32.7 kN

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