ACSR A1/S1A Conductor - Code 16 mm2 1.84 mm - IEC 61089

Physical and Electricity Properties Sheet

ItemTechnical Details - Specifications -
Code Num16
Standard IEC 61089 - ACSR Conductor Characteristics (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced
Conductor DesignationA1/S1A
Steel ratio %17
Aluminum Area16 mm2
Steel Area2.67 mm2
Total Area18.7 mm2
Aluminum Wire Nos6
Single Aluminum Wire Dia1.84 mm
Steel Wire Nos1
Single Steel Wire Dia1.843 mm
Steel Strand Dia1.844 mm
Conductor Overall Dia5.53 mm
Linear mass64.6 kg/km
Rated strength6.08 kN
D.C resistance at 20°C1.7934 Ohm/km

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