ACAR Condcutor 40mm2 4/3/2.78mm IEC 61089

ItemTechnical and Specification Sheet - Physical and Electrical Properties Table
Code Num.40 mm2
StandardIEC 61809, Characteristics of Aluminum Conductor Aluminum-Alloy Reinforced
Aluminum Wires4
Aluminum-Alloy Wires3
Aluminum-Alloy Wires7
A1/A2 Conductor Diameter of Wires2.78 mm
A1/A2 Conductor Overall Diameter8.35 mm
A1/A2 Conductor Weight116.5 kg/km
A1/A2 Conductor Rated Strength9.25 kN
A1/A3 Conductor Diameter of Wires2.79 mm
A1/A3 Conductor Overall Diameter8.37 mm
A1/A3 Conductor Weight117 kg/km
Resistance of Conductor at 20℃0.7158 ohm/km

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