37 AWG/Kcmil OD 4/0 mm Slippery Rock Quadruplex URD Cable for Secondary Underground Distribution

ItemTechnical and Specification Sheet - Physical and Electrical Properties Table
Code WordSlippery Rock
Phase Conductor Size - AWG / Kcmil350
Phase Conductor Number of Wires37
Phase Conductor Number of Wires0.095 inch or 2.413 mm
Approx Cable Overall Diameter1.91 inch or 48.514 mm
Neutral Conductor Size - AWG / Kcmil4/0
Neutral Conductor Number of Wires19
Phase Conductor Number of Wires0.08 inch or 2.032 mm
Conductor Weight1187 lbs/1000ft or 1766.37 kg/km
Total Weight (XLPE Covered)1535 lbs/1000ft or 2284.2335 kg/km
Ampacity (Direct Buried)395 amps
Ampacity (In Duct)300 amps


  • Conductor options are all aluminum conductor, aluminum alloy conductor, bare copper strands or as per your requirements.
  • Insulations can be Polyethylene (PE) or XLPE.
  • Custom specifications like conductor size, insulation materials and phase identification methods can be fulfilled.
  • Dimensions and weights not designated minimum or maximum are nominal values and subject to manufacturing tolerances.
  • Electricity Properties are based on theory calculation, values are subject to final production test results.
  • Normal length and shipping tolerances apply.
  • Reel sizes may vary.

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