Tender Awarded Notice - SGCC HENAN OverHead Insulated Conductor

Tender Awarded Notice - SGCC HENAN OverHead Insulated Conductor

Date: November 28th 2016

Dear People's Cable Group Co., Ltd.,

It is hereby notified that the tender of approved fifth batch stock purchasing of overhead insulated conductor using for 2016 power supply and electricity distribution installation project in HENAN province, which corresponding tender is STATE GRID HENAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY (Subsidiary of STATE GRID CORPORATION OF CHINA - SGCC) has concluded.

Bid Evaluation Committee (the authority) has choose your company, PEOPLE'S CABLE GROUP CO., LTD. as the final successful bidder for particulars listed below:

+ Particulars No.: 171605
+ Particulars: 1kV Insulated Conductor (Total Length 6649 km Approx.)
+ Total Price: 13,947,922.89 CNY (Approx. 2.1 Million USD)
Please proceed towards to STATE GRID HENAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY to sign the contract, in accordance with tender document, tender awarded notice including but not limited to the legal representative of the power of attorney, technical specifications, technical drawings as well as other necessary documents.

Charger of tender agent service to be paid according to document [2002]1980, [2011]534 authorized by National Development and Reform Commission of CHINA.

文件类型: .pdf tender-awarded-notice-sgcc-henan-1kv-overhead-insulated-conductor-language-english-copy.pdf
文件类型: .pdf tender-awarded-notice-sgcc-henan-1kv-overhead-insulated-conductor-language-chinese-copy.pdf