Snow can not stop our shipping schedule

Snow can not stop our shipping schedule

rmjt news cable reel shipping loading in snow
Date: February 8th 2017

Trailer trucks and Shipping containers arrived in the early morning today as scheduled, 539Km aluminum ACSR conductor cables packed with steel wooden reel has been moved out from our warehouse and ready for loading.

Temperature is about -10°C here, our employee and worker will make sure cables is well sealed and packed and the snow on reel to be cleared as well as good fixed working inside the container.

Nearly 40% has been loaded into containers and heading for Tianjin port and will be shipped to Vietnam for 220Kv High Voltage electricity power transmission project. This project will initiate the construction process in next mouth.

The manufacture, inspection, package process have been completed 3 days ago. As a Chinese top rank cable and wire manufacturer, we are glad everything goes smoothly as we always do.

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