Sierra Leone electricity theft rising and solutions suggestions

Sierra Leone electricity theft rising and solutions suggestions

Date: Dec 27th 2016

As a result of the rising crime rate and the increasing impact of electricity theft in the country, the Government of Sierra Leone has set up a joint ad hoc committee headed by the Department of Energy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the National Security Agency, the Electric Contractors Association and the Procurator. A combination of Institutions to fight against electricity theft.

The Department of Energy said that the rampant power theft has been to the power companies, transmission and distribution companies and users has brought huge losses, and in order to steal electricity, private wire, change the meter and other criminal acts to social security has brought great Hidden dangers.

In addition to stepping up efforts to crack down on power theft, the Department of Energy will also require major domestic power companies, power grid operators to further improve the domestic grid system infrastructure, including cable into the ground, the replacement of advanced meter equipment to protect the stability and reliability of power systems.

From our opinion, as a experienced electricity wire and conductor manufacture, these electricity theft activities reflects the truth that the power infrastructure is backwards far behind the average level of worlds, and electricity power are still a little expensive for the people of Sierra Leone.

For a cheaper electricity power price, we sincerely suggest the government and electricity company to upgrade their facilities with cable of better conductivity and energy saving performance, which is exactly our company could supply and happy to provide at a competitive price to help our Africa friends. Energy saving and boost power supply can both reduce the electricity price and could help to alleviate the electricity theft.

Another way to solve the electricity theft activity is replace bare conductor with insulated conductor cable in LV (low voltage) power transmission application like power distribution line and pole lines in rural area. In city, make sure the power lines are buried underground which means you have to choose well insulated power cable with long life service time. Better meter equipment and regular patrol around lines can also help to reduce electricity theft activities and improve the power grids stability and reliability.