Power crisis transmission projects cancellation in Nigeria

Power crisis transmission projects cancellation in Nigeria

Since 2002, due to lack of funds, the Nigeria transmission company TCN has canceled nearly 130 transmission projects, resulting in the improvement of domestic transmission system operating as expected.

Atiku Abubakar, general manager of TCN, said at the Power Users Forum in Lagos on Sunday that "the power system will greatly improve the living standards of the Nigerian people if the government can ensure that these power transmission projects are effectively landed.

Atiku Abubakar also revealed that, in the assets consolidation in 2013, the transmission company 70% of the assets are dilapidated, need to be replaced. These dilapidated transmission facilities include ultra-high voltage and high voltage transmission lines, low voltage overhead insulated transmission lines, substations, transformers and module components. But in fact, since 2002, the power system has not received more investment to improve the current infrastructure and other equipment.

Although the investment in domestic transmission systems has improved and private enterprises have benefited a large number of customers in the past three years, the domestic transmission system is still far behind in meeting the needs of the current economic and social development.

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It is reported that the current domestic power generation in Nigeria reached 7,500 MW, but due to lack of natural gas supply, the actual power generation between 3,000-3300 MW hovering. Worse still, the gas-fired power generation capacity has been compressed to around 300 megawatts due to resource constraints, leading to a further intensification of the domestic power crisis and continued pressure on the transmission system.

A stable and healthy power supply can save energy and improve the local people's life, we, RMJT Cable are  looking forward to take part in the electricity power line upgrading project  West Africa including Ghana and Nigeria and help the local people to solve the trouble of lacking power.