AAAC - Perfect Reinforced Package and Proper Loading with Care

AAAC - Perfect Reinforced Package and Proper Loading with Care


Date: February 19th

Today we shipped 98km AAAC (All aluminum alloy conductor) cable to Latin America.

These new produced AAAC are extra heavy duty cable for extra high voltage and long distance power transmission projects.

Products Details Information Specifications
Code in ASTM B399 Canton
Size in AWG/MCM 394.5MCM
Sections Area 200 mm2
OD 18.30mm
Strands 19/3.66mm
Weight 551kg/km
Normal Breaking Load 58.91kN
Packed Steel Wooden Reel (OD 2m)

Check more for details at our product page including more specifications of similar conductors and customer showcase.

Heavy duty AAAC conductor are packed with steel wooden reels which could guarantee you a strong physical protection and durability necessary against the risk from long range overseas shipping and rough loading by port operators.

The steel frame of RMJT CABLE steel wooden reels are high strength carbon structure steel welded in one piece, and layers are 100% fumigated with certificate from commodity inspection bureau.

Check our youtube channel for a real video shots of how we packed and loading, and how we treat the conductor, cable and wires we manufactured.

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