New Shipment to Middle East 12 TEUs Loaded

New Shipment to Middle East 12 TEUs Loaded


Today we shipped 12 TEU (20 feet container) of Single Conductor Overhead insulated cable to Middle East. This cable are all aluminum conductor stranded and insulated suitable for low voltage especially for 0.6/1kV electricity transmission grids in rural area.

All those cables are packed with steel wooden reel and Our shipping loading team makes sure all these reels are properly organized in the container and every reel are well fixed inside with both wedge footer fixing and anchor fixing with high strength steel wires.

Product details is listed as below:

+ Product: Single Conductor Aerial Bundled Cable
+ Application: As service line of supplying 600/1000 volt electricity in aerial way
+ Specifications:
    * Strands Numbers: 14
    * Size: 70mm2
    * Length: 986km
    * Standard: IEC 61502
Destination: Middle East