Nepal Power Summit reveals great business chance in power and electricity industry

Nepal Power Summit reveals great business chance in power and electricity industry

On December 15, a power summit, Nepal once again stressed that the next 10 years of electricity production reached 10000 MW of commitment.

With a theme of "10,000 MW in ten years", the two-day summit focused on the government's strategy to achieve ambitious goals and discussed hydropower development in Nepal. Nepal's Prime Minister Prachanda said that Nepal's electricity supply and demand gap is large, and this problem needs to be resolved within 10 years.

Power is the blood for a country econmic development, and blood vessels is high voltage
(including extra high voltage and ultra high voltage) power and electricity transmission line. "10,000 MW in ten years" also means Nepla may have to invest more fund for power supply lines to build a more sable and reliable infrastructure for its own electricity industry. RMJT Cable, as a experienced conductor and power manufacturer, we are happy to share our success story with our Nepal friends. We have participated in many tender projects for transmission and distribution applications in Bangladesh, Pakistan as well as Myanmar. On the domestic markrt, our cold-resistant and anti-snow-ice bare conductor, special designed acsr, aaac, acar has been proven with great performance and stability of project in Tibet, we also hope our technical and products can help to solve the problems may occur in the furture of Nepal Power Grid upgrade installation.

"We are proud that Nepal is one of the richest countries in terms of water resources, but we currently produce less than 2% of the technically usable capacity of hydropower," Prachanda said. We have a huge opportunity in the field of power development. " Prachanda also stressed the importance of the private sector in achieving its goals. The government has already begun to push the development of the power sector, which will bring a lot of economic opportunities. Nepal has long suffered from power shortages, with peak demand of nearly 1,500 megawatts and power installed capacity of only 885 megawatts. Only 65% of households in the country to achieve power, in addition, Kathmandu Valley and other rural areas to experience up to 16 hours a day power.

We are confidence that Nepla will complete its Grid Upgrading plan and bring more benifit for its people. If any goverment department or company in Nepal need to verify the capacity and technical of RMJT conductor and cable, we are always happy to cooperate and offer you every details you may need, feel free to ask.