Lao plans to build 54 new transmission lines by 2020

Lao plans to build 54 new transmission lines by 2020

Lao plans to build 54 new transmission lines by 2020

Date: January 14th 2017

Recently, Lao Minister of Energy and Mining Khammany Inthirath announced the plan, said the Government recognized the need to deploy more transmission lines and substations to cope with the increase in energy production.

According to Laos Vientiane Times reported that the current total of 53,000 km high voltage transmission lines and 53 substations. High voltage transmission lines are also connected to neighboring countries, including 14 lines to Thailand, 2 to Vietnam, 2 to Cambodia, 1 to China, 1 to Myanmar.

Khammany said the Lao province in the border area also has 22 kilovolt transmission lines connected to neighboring countries that can facilitate the purchase, sale and exchange of electricity. Laos focuses on expanding power networks to rural areas to promote the development of ethnic minorities and to lift themselves out of poverty.

At present, about 92% of households in Laos are able to obtain permanent electricity, while electricity exports have increased fourfold since 2010 and are growing every year. Laos is also considering renewable energy development, such as solar, biomass and wind turbines. At present, Laos has 1.15% of households are using solar energy.

In addition to the construction of more transmission lines and substations, Laos also plans to build more hydropower by 2020. At present, Laos has 42 power stations, installed capacity of 6391 megawatts, the annual production of 33822.4 GWh of electricity for domestic consumption and exports. With government and private energy developers to complete the construction of new power plants, the number of power plants in Laos from 42 to 50.