Industry Trend Forecast Report of China aluminum alloy cable till 2018

Industry Trend Forecast Report of China aluminum alloy cable till 2018

China is rich in aluminum and copper resources are scarce, more than 60% copper is imported from overseas. Copper prices rose too fast in the recent years makes Chines wire and cable industry overwhelmed.

"Using Aluminum instead of copper" in Europe and other developed country, has been successfully applied for more than 40 years, many churches, hospitals and government agencies choose Aluminum cable as best alternative against copper cable. The ratio of using Aluminum as Conductor of isolated cables and wires are much higher than using copper in Europe and American countries, in fact, some nations and areas even applied Aluminum Conductor to all of their medium and low voltage cable.As a trend, the global proportion of aluminum conductors for insulated cables is continuously increasing.

1.3 million tons of aluminum were used to produce overhead transmission lines in 2012, it covers 78.2% of the total amount of aluminum used in Chinese Cable manufacture industry. 2012 overhead line with about 1.3 million tons of aluminum, accounting for domestic cable industry, the proportion of the total amount of aluminum was 78.2%.

Compared with Copper Cable, Aluminum cable do has advantages:

Aluminum conductor has obvious price advantage because of copper prices keep running higher and higher. Transmission Application and Project investor prefer compress project cost both in money and maintainance when considering the service lift of both metal. These aspects are conducive to the promotion of aluminum conductors.

As a TOP rank Chinese manufacture of Aluminum conductor in cable and wire industry, RMJT have successfully developed aluminum and aluminum alloy cables as a whole series products to replace copper both in electrical performance or mechanical properties.

RMJT Aluminum alloy cable can meet and exceed the performance of copper in carrying capacity, conductivity and safety, conductor resistivity. RMJT engineer department combined with our research and development (R&D) team solved the major technical problems that the pure hard aluminum cables can not solve in safety performance, electrical performance and mechanical performance.

The technical technical progress and the advantages of  Aluminum conductor itself makes us have a full confidence that Aluminum conductor and wire industry annual growth will remain a 3-5 times rate and may reach 400 billion market value in China.