Busy Day Today 3 Shipments Complete Today!

Busy Day Today 3 Shipments Complete Today!


Turns out it’s a very busy Sunday, a whole day for shipping. Even it’s Sunday, when our excellent employees heard 3 scheduled shipments has been arranged, the storage management team and loading team volunteer to work on an extra shift to make sure these shipping are on time so the containers of cable can arrive the port right in time as well as loading to the cargo ship.

In the morning, our storage management team recheck the package of cables we are going to ship and make sure all of the reels are well label and printed with correct mark. And then pull them out of our warehouse to the loading area wait for the coming of shipping containers.

Container truck arrives in the afternoon one after another. And the loading and shipping team start to work. Cable drums are proper stowed into the container with order and extra fixing work, they are real professional and good at this and no one can compare.

Products shipped details listed as below:

  • CU/PVC/PVC power cable + AL/XLPE/PVC power cable + ACSR
    • 10kv Copper stranded conductor pvc insulated pvc sheath power cable 4 cores 120 mm2 - 37*1.6mm
    • 3.3kV Aluminum stranded conductor xlpe insulated pvc sheath power cable 185mm2
    • ACSR Dog Al/64.72mm St/71.57mm
    • 2 TEUs(20 feet container)
    • Shipping destination Africa
  • AAC all aluminum conductor 61*3.55mm 27km
    • 1 FEU(40 feet container)
    • Destination north America
  • ACSR Turkey aluminum conductor steel reinforced 7*1.68mm small section 500km
    • 1 FEU(40 feet container)
    • Destination Southeast Asia