British grid operator to launch 17 billion pounds of smart grid plan

British grid operator to launch 17 billion pounds of smart grid plan

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Following the launch of the new smart grid program, British households and businesses can sell their own energy within local power networks.

 Power network operators in England, Scotland and Wales have pledged to bring £ 17 billion in revenue by 2050 through overhaul of the grid.

They have announced a common commitment to creating new markets to deliver flexible services that compete with traditional investments.

Under this program, consumers can use blockchain technology to sell electricity generated by solar panels and turbines or electric power from electric vehicles directly to their neighbors, and receive a corresponding fee.

Businesses can also adjust their power use when they are not needed most and use smart energy-saving technologies to remotely scale their consumption and buy power from the battery warehouse.

This program is part of the Energy Network Association's (ENA) Open Network Project to address the changes needed to create a more flexible energy system.

David Smith, CEO of ENA, said: "Our energy network has a proven track record in delivering reliable electricity, reducing costs and driving new investments in infrastructure for homes, businesses and communities."

The new plan is based on the above, as the energy market is rapidly changing. This is about creating a system that will create a platform for the entire new energy technology and services that allows grid companies and other organizations to manage their systems more effectively and directly or indirectly.