Bid Winner of DELAPAZ Tender, Delivery will be on Schedule

Bid Winner of DELAPAZ Tender, Delivery will be on Schedule

Date: Dec 15th 2016

Congratulations, Our Company, People's Cable Group Co., Ltd. short as RMJTCable has won another tender of ALUMINUM CABLE for DELAPAZ, Subsidiary Company of the state-owned ENDE Corporation (Empresa Nacional de Electricidad) in Bolivia.

Now our ALUMINUM CABLE manufacture department is following the plan of production, 2 factories of ours including multiple production lines are in full operation to guarantee an on schedule delivery before the coming of 2017.

This is not the first time we cooperate with the public purchasing department of government or a state-owned company in South American, who consider quality and delivery time more than just a lower price. Our products like bare Aluminum and Aluminum alloy conductors, Overhead insulated Cable and ABC cables has been qualified and proven by many local electricity transmission application projects in Latin America, which have been complete and fully operation to generate great social and economic benefits and make local people's life easier and better.

As a cable manufacturer company, we truly believe using technology to improve people's life and to help other company to success are more important than profit numbers in sheets of Financial Statements. That's why we have established a very good business relationship with other countries like Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay as well.