Bangladesh's Second 400 kV Transmission Lines Operates Today

Bangladesh's Second 400 kV Transmission Lines Operates Today

Bangladesh power grid company PGCB has revealed that Bangladesh's second 400 kV high-voltage transmission lines have been officially put into use today.

This double-circuit 400 kV high-voltage transmission line is connected Sylhet and Gazipur County, total length is 168 km, according to plan, has been officially put into operation today at 11 am. The high-voltage transmission line is connected to both ends of the high-capacity 400/230 kV substation, a number of cities and regions.

PGCB said that this high-voltage transmission lines will help the production of a number of nearly 1,000 megawatts of power plant in the Sylhet region, the total output capacity, greatly improving the overall domestic transmission capacity. However, the total transmission capacity of this high-voltage transmission lines up to 1200 megawatts.

It is reported that the high-voltage transmission lines to obtain South Korea EDCF funds and government financing support.Bangladesh's first 400-kilovolt high-voltage transmission line is an important link between the Ami Bazar region and the Mekna River region, which plays an important role in dispatching electricity to the capital.

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