Australia Snowy hydropower station costs up to 4.5 billion

Australia Snowy hydropower station costs up to 4.5 billion

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The Australian government plans to expand its huge Snowy hydropower station to support wind and solar power. The project will cost up to A $ 4.5 billion, twice the estimated cost of the government's March proposition.

Snowy Hydro said an independent estimate shows that due to geological challenges, expansion projects need to be strengthened all structures, so the pumped storage expansion will cost 3.8 billion Australian dollars to 4.5 billion Australian dollars, higher than the initial estimate of 2 billion Australian dollars .

Snowy Hydro said the project is justified because its cost is half the cost of building a battery and natural gas-fired power station.

Snow Broad Chief Executive Paul Broad said in a statement: "With the transition to a low-emission future, Snowy Hydropower Station 2.0 will support the national electricity market safety and reliability, at least for the cost of consumers "

When the final investment decision is made in 2018, the 2,000 MW expansion project is expected to start producing energy by the end of 2024.