People's cable group home culture - Thanksgiving article

People's cable group home culture - Thanksgiving article

Each of us, each enterprise has a dream, because the dream is the pursuit of beauty, is a good yearning. The rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, wealthy and strong, is the country most basic unit, each of the Chinese people, every Chinese family common pursuit. In order to achieve the dream of enriching the people China, cannot do without the development of economy. And driving the economy of the three carriages also need a myriad of non-public enterprises pony. People cable group is the countless horse pony of, and strive to become a dark horse on the road to persistent and strenuous gallop.
The cable group, after eight years of forge enterprising, grab get right on the job really, beyond innovation and tenacious struggle, the A in Gongyi City has decades of development history of traditional industries, develop to become a set research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the group of companies, the rapid development not only is inseparable from the technical innovation, the same can not be separated from the and enterprise culture support. People's cable group has been carrying forward the "home" cultural concept and "into the people's cable is a family" business policy, it is precisely with the group's high-speed development of the best lubricant.

Home culture can not be separated from Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is not only a philosophy of life, but also a great wisdom. The ancient "dripping grace, Yongquan phase", the king of Chu Han Xin the daughter of a meal, visible understands the gratitude of the people have a positive heart, then a group of gratitude must also have continuously enterprising upward momentum.

Every morning, the people of the cable all the family routine morning. Families embrace each other, greet each other, heartfelt thanks to the work, life has given us help and support of the family members.

Like the morning session, the church is also essential. Family members are connected to the right hand and heart, ninety degree deep bow, Thanksgiving company, Thanksgiving customers, Thanksgiving family.

The same gratitude, also reflected in the upper and lower levels. The chairman personally give red envelopes to outstanding employees, employees for the past year to send special purchases for the Spring Festival, all the hard work and pay.

The annual meeting of the company, chairman of the group of ten employees, feats, parents worship. Outstripped the filial piety of gratitude are empty, the group leaders know this, from the cable of the people after the establishment of the first annual conference has, chairman of lead parents, appreciate their parenting guidance and grace. This tradition continues to continue, and now has become the people's cable group will be indispensable, the most touching part of the tears.

Enterprises in the achievement of brilliant achievements at the same time, the people of the cable group has not forgotten their own social responsibility. Teacher's day every year, the Double Ninth Festival, the chairman will be led by group senior family with condolences gold gifts to schools, homes for the elderly condolences; if there is a group of family difficulties, chairman of the board of directors will take number one called for all members of the family of the stretched out a helping hand, everyone gave a little love.
Ubiquitous in the enterprise culture, deeply rooted in the spirit of gratitude, to create a people cable warm and harmonious atmosphere for the development, and gradually realize the unity of employee value and enterprise value, to provide the strong cultural support for the smooth realization of the cable the development goals. "25" period, the cable once again stand in a new starting line, we formulated the new and higher, greater goal lays out the beautiful blueprint for a more brilliant and splendid, is to use five years time to achieve people cable new "three goals": enter the top thirty enterprises in Gong yi city;
2.the average income of the staff to achieve the highest level of equipment manufacturing industry in Gong yi;
3.employee happiness index in Gong yi to maintain the highest level;
We believe that with strong support of Party committees and governments at all levels and people cable the bull by the horns, dare for the confidence and momentum of the first, more people cables along the way accumulation of excellent corporate culture and a strong cohesion, in the consistent efforts to achieve "China dream" in the background, we "do the world's most respected cable companies" beautiful vision, our "people's dream" must be able to achieve. Must also be able to achieve!