Warm congratulations to the people's cable group aluminum alloy AAAC conductor mass production

Warm congratulations to the people's cable group aluminum alloy AAAC conductor mass production

 AAAC conductor is a kind of very mature high-tech environmental protection energy-saving green power cable, in a wide range of applications of the developed countries in Europe and America, in the power cable of the developed countries in Europe and America market share up to 90% of the share. People cable group from 2010 realized to aluminum based alloy material as a conductor of the power cable will substantially replace copper conductor of the traditional power cable, has organized a large number of experts and many institutions of higher learning, metal research cooperation, the development of aluminum alloy cable
In recent years, the company on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology standard, organization experienced technicians and production staff and domestic several institutions of higher learning and metal research collaboration after two and a half years, after numerous trials and ultimately succeeded in developing a "RMJT" brand aluminum alloy power cable series products, rare earth iron and aluminum alloy cable, the electrical conductivity, flexibility, extensibility, creep resistance etc. were better than those of the copper core cable. And copper core cable compared to the aluminum alloy cable prices to be cheaper by about 30%, the construction is more convenient. Comprehensive conversion, a project can save the cost of the installation of 20%-50%. Products of the indicators are in accordance with the merger is much better than that of international standards and national standards, through the detection of the experts and the authority of the State Department, the safety performance, electrical properties and mechanical properties are in line with relevant national standards and international standards.

People's Cable Group Co., aluminum alloy AAAC conductor production workshop

People cable group chairman Cao Mingju, executive general manager Cao Zhifeng, chief engineer into war to people's cable group bamboo company research aluminum alloy power cable production line, as well as their corresponding technical guidance, to ensure the stability and efficiency of aluminum alloy cable line

People cable group chairman Cao Mingju, executive general manager Cao Zhifeng, chief engineer into war to people cable aluminum alloy cable production base in bamboo branch investigation, bamboo is divided into production personnel to Cao Dong and his entourage on the production of aluminum alloy cable

In order to further increase the family of company of group of in-depth understanding of aluminum alloy power cable, chief engineer into war Comrade Li elaborate courseware, on the afternoon of November 6, for aluminum alloy power cable of special training, group headquarters, bamboo from the branch of about 100 famous people participated in the training

Training class, industry and trade from the development process of foreign aluminum alloy power cable to the development of domestic resources lag; Group R & D alloy cables from the background to the idea; from aluminum alloy cable instead of the superiority of the copper core cable to aluminum alloy cable models, specifications and other aspects, combined with a large number of examples, with humorous language and explain the profound things in a simple way to lead the family to deepen understanding of the relevant knowledge of aluminum alloy cable. At the same time, from production and sale of the family who, in view of the practical problems encountered in daily work, to workers learn, industry and trade of the detailed answer, training courses in the pleasant atmosphere end
After the training, family members are boundless, have said: "to explain very brilliant, really hope can know more about some of the relevant knowledge, but also hope that such courses can arrange some more!"

Through this training, the family will deepen the understanding of knowledge related to the aluminum alloy power cable, which group company aluminum alloy cable mass production and lay a solid backing, believe that under the joint efforts of all members of the family, the aluminum alloy power cables will be in people's cable group this piece of fertile soil grow and bear fruits, also believe that people's cable group's tomorrow will be more beautiful!