2015 outstanding member enterprises

2015 outstanding member enterprises


 In March 24th, the Gong yi Municipal United Front Work Department organized a joint working meeting of industry and Commerce on 2016. Gong yi Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Minister He Chuanwei, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Federation Chairman Wang Hongsheng attended the meeting

Meeting of 2015 annual work are summarized, for the 2016 work arrangements, convey and issued the "a" thousand enterprises and help the village of a thousand precise poverty alleviation implementation opinions ", on 6 advanced town (Office) grassroots associations and 15 outstanding member companies were commended, Guo Zhen chamber of Commerce, Zhitian town chamber of Commerce on behalf of advanced chamber of Commerce back for the exchange of experience to speak.

People cable group as Gongyi City Industry and Commerce Association member companies, in-depth study and implement the party's eighteen eighteen and high in the third, the fourth, the Fifth Plenary Session of the spirit, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, in promoting the healthy development of the private economy and promote the healthy growth of private entrepreneurs contribute self strength, was awarded the "2015 annual outstanding member enterprises" honorary title.

Gong yi Municipal Committee, United Front minister He Chuanwei told the Federation fully affirmed the work. He stressed that 2016 is the key to deepening the reform of the year, the Federation of industry and commerce to revolve around the center, to play a role in order to accelerate the construction of the three cities cohesion force. Is strengthening education, and actively guide and promote the healthy development of non-public ownership economy; second is to play the advantage, good service, and to promote the healthy development of the non-public sectors of the economy; the third is to pay attention to the livelihood of the people, contributing to society, actively participate in precise battle of deficient assault fortified positions; fourth, adhere to the standards, strict procedures, do Federation of industry and Commerce of the election.