4 TEUs Shipped Today on May Day, Customers Needs Always Comes First

4 TEUs Shipped Today on May Day, Customers Needs Always Comes First


Today we shipped 4 TEU (20 feet container), 3 ones are ACSR conductor code name THRASHER to Middle East, 1 of concentric cable to North American.

For ACSR THRASHER (Aluminum conductor steel reinforced), they are used for bare overhead conductor for primary and secondary distribution with its features like efficient conductivity and high tensile strength. As you can see, the package is extra convenient and simple wrapper without LAGGING BOARD covering the reels, please note that its required by our clients even we suggest our experiences and best practices within package, however our client still insist to use convenient package.

For the straight or split concentric cable, they are used as electric service entrance lines which applies common circumstances like branch to connect power distribution network and the meter panel as feeder cable from the meters panel until the panel or general distribution panel.

Product details is listed as below:

  • Product: ACSR - THRASHER - Bare Aluminum Conductor

    • Specifications:
      • Strands Numbers: 95 (Al/St 76/19)
      • Size: 1170.8 mm2
      • Length: 198km
      • Standard: IEC 61089
    • Destination: Middle East
  • Product: Split Concentric Cable

    • Specifications:
      • Rated Voltage: 600/1000v
      • Core: 1
      • AWG: 4
      • Standard: ASTM B801
      • Strands Numbers: 7
      • Single Wire Dia: 1.96mm
      • Insulation: XLPE thickness 1.14mm
      • Outer sheath: UV-PVC 1.14mm
      • Overall Dia: 12.62mm
      • Weight: 509.26kg/km
    • Destination: North American